Saar meets Rheinhessen

Slate meets Limestone

TW0 estates — ONE heart

Carolin and Jürgen Hofmann wed in June 2006, joining more than just their hands in matrimony. That ceremony also built a beautiful bridge between the Saar and Rheinhessen through the fusion of their individual family winegrowing estates. Their love is the foundation for a shared winemaking project in pursuit of grand wines from two regions, made in one place. It is a monumental task, yet one that they proudly perform with a smile and a deceptively simple outlook: "It's never boring around here!"

The modern new facilities for both estates were established in Jürgen's hometown of Appenheim. This includes a winery, cellar and tasting room as well as the residence for Carolin, Jürgen and their children Johanna, Paul and Helena.



Falstaff Sauvignon Blanc Trophy 2019

Falstaff writes: In recent years there have been a series of outstanding developments in Appenheim and surroundings, as if a new school of winemaking is being forged there. If so, Jürgen Hofmann is surely one of the founding fathers of this "Appenheim School." It can be seen in his current wines, which the vintage has lent striking depth. There's not a single ounce of extra fat; everything within the moderate body is chiseled to a razor-sharp point, yet with an incredible concentration that keeps it from ever getting unruly. It is a highly focused collection, with the mineral-rich Niersteiner Ölberg and the racy Chardonnay as its guiding lights.

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Outstanding wines – feinherb feminism

Interview with Carolin Hofmann: For five generations and counting, Weingut Willems-Willems has been led by women. Carolin Hofmann currently holds the reins. Together with her husband Jürgen, she lives in Appenheim in Rheinhessen, where she runs two operations and one family. She explains to us it all works.


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Willems Riesling "Auf der Lauer"
Carolin and Jürgen Hofmann with their 3 children
The tasting room in Appenheim
Hofmann Riesling "Hundertgulden"
Slate soils along the Saar River
Peter Thelen, Managing Director of the Willems Estate
Fossil limestone soils in Rheinhessen
Carolin and Jürgen Hofmann in their wine cellar
The harvest in Appenheim